lunes, 25 de abril de 2011

Water for elephants...

Here is the official trailer for the movie...

Water for elephants...

The story is told as a series of memories by Jacob Jankowski, a "ninety or ninety-three year-old" man who lives in a nursing home.
As the memories begin, Jacob Jankowski is twenty-three years old and preparing for his final exams as a Cornell University veterinary student when he receives the news that his parents were killed in a car accident. Jacob’s father was a veterinarian and Jacob had planned to join his practice. When Jacob learns that his father was deeply in debt because he had been treating animals for free as well as mortgaging the family home to provide Jacob an Ivy League education, he has a breakdown and leaves school just short of graduation. In the dark of night, he jumps on a train only to learn it is a circus train. When the owner of the circus, Uncle Al, learns of his training as a vet, he is hired to care for the circus animals. This consequently leads Jacob to share quarters with a dwarf named Walter (who is known as Kinko to the circus) and his dog Queenie. A few weeks later Jacob is summoned to take a look at Camel, an old man who, after drinking Jamaican ginger extract for many years, can't move his arms or legs. Fearing Camel will be "red-lighted" (referring to the practice of throwing circus workers off a moving train as either punishment or as severance from the circus to avoid paying wages), he hides him in his room.
The head trainer, August, is a brutal man who abuses the animals in his care (such as the new elephant Rosie) as well as the people around him. Alternately, he can be utterly charming. Jacob develops a guarded relationship with August and his wife, Marlena, with whom Jacob falls in love. August is suspicious of their relationship and beats Marlena and Jacob. Marlena subsequently leaves August and stays at a hotel while she's not performing. Uncle Al then informs Jacob that August is a paranoid schizophrenic and then utters a threat: reunite August and Marlena as a happily married couple or Walter and Camel get red-lighted.
A few days later after discovering that August has tried to see Marlena, Jacob visits her in her hotel room. Soon after he comforts her however, the couple sleeps together and then eventually declares their love for each other. Marlena soon returns to the circus to perform (and also to have secret meetings with Jacob), but refuses to have August near her, which makes Uncle Al furious. Days later Marlena informs Jacob that she is pregnant.
One night Jacob climbs up and jumps each car, while the train is moving, to August's room, carrying a knife between his teeth intending to kill August. However, Jacob backs out and returns to his car, only to find no one there but Queenie. He then realizes that Walter and Camel were red-lighted and Jacob himself was supposed to be too.
As the story climaxes, several circus workers who were red-lighted off the train come back and release the animals causing a stampede during the performance.
In the ensuing panic, August is killed by Rosie the elephant, and the only one who sees the incident is Jacob. As a result of this incident, which occurred during a circus performance, the circus is shut down. Soon after, Uncle Al's body is found with a makeshift garrote around his neck. Marlena and Jacob leave, along with several circus animals, and begin their life together.
Ninety-three year old Jacob is waiting for his family to take him to the circus. It is revealed that Jacob and Marlena married and had 5 children spending the first 7 years at another circus before Jacob got a job as a vet for the zoo. Marlena is revealed to have died a few years before Jacob was put into a nursing home. After finding out no one is coming for him, elderly Jacob goes to the circus on his own. He soon meets the manager Charlie and begs him to accompany the circus by selling tickets. Charlie agrees and Jacob believes he has finally come home.

viernes, 22 de abril de 2011

Vanilla Twilight (Owl City)

Tuesday's with Morrie

This novel tells the true story of retired sociology professor Morrie Schwartz and his relationship with his students. On his graduation, Mitch Albom, the narrator, tells his favorite professor, Morrie Schwartz, that he will keep in touch. However, Mitch hears nothing of his old professor until one night on T.V. when he sees Morrie being interviewed. It turns out that Morrie has developed ALS (Amytrophic Lateral Sclerosis), a terminal disease. Mitch begins to visit his professor and soon realizes that, though he has grown remarkably, he still has a lot to learn from Morrie.

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martes, 19 de abril de 2011

Pretty Little Liars. Wanted

I am really disappointed with this book. 
It just seems as she just made it all up randomly. Never did the family point out that they had another daughter. Wouldn't they of done it when they had to testify?!
I hope the other 4 books are better than this one.

Trailer de Beastly

Beastly (Bestial)

Trata de un adolecente consentidos de 17 años llamado Kyle que cree que solamente la gente guapa puede ser exitosa. Un dia la "freak" (llamada Kendra) del salon le dice que la belleza externa no importa.El aparenta que no le importa lo que dijo pero por dentro empieza a tener dudas. 
Su novia Sloane le pide un ramillete de orquideas, pero su ama de llaves le compra una rosa blanca. Cuando Kyle le da la rosa a Sloane se enoja y la tira al piso. Al entrar al baile se la dio a la chica que recibia los boletos. Kyle se olvida de Kendra. 
Cuando llega a su casa se encuentra con una bruja en su cama la cual lo convierte en una bestia. Le da dos años para encontrar el verdadero amor.
Su padre avergonzado de tener una bestia como hijo lo encierra en una mansion con un tutor ciego llamado Will y con la ama de llaves. Dura alli un año encerrado deprimido y solo. Cuando una noche se mete un drogadicto a robar a su casa. Kyler lo ataca y el drogadicto dijo que cambiaba su vida por su hija Lindy. Kyle se iluciona con que ella tal vez sea su amor verdadero. Arregal la casa para hacer que Lindy se sienta bienvenida. Al llegar, Lindy se encierra en su habitacion con libros y se niega a salir. Kyle hace lo que sea para que salga. Cuando al fin lo hace se enamoran. Rompe el hechizo y viven felices por siempre.

lunes, 18 de abril de 2011

Pretty little liars is now a ABC family TV show.
To be honest I am quite disappointed with it. It cuts out many important things that appear in the book & the characters are physically different from the books too. Check it out.

Hanna in books- Auburn brown hair.
Emily in books- Blonde-red hair and has freckles.
Aria in books-Brunnette
Spencer in books- Blonde.

Hanna in TV show-Blonde
Emily TV show- Tanned skin and brunnette.
Aria in TV show-Brunnette and short.
Spencer in TV show- Brunette.

Pretty Little Liars.

Una popular camarilla de secundaria queda en shock cuando su líder Alison DiLaurentis misteriosamente desaparece. Un año después las chicas se vuelven a unir debido a que alguien llamado “A” le manda misteriosos mensajes de texto a cada una de las chicas amenazándolas con contar sus más profundos secretos, secretos que solo Alison sabia. Sin embargo las cosas se distorsionan cuando Alison es encontrada enterrada en un pozo, donde estaba su piscina, en la parte trasera de su propia casa. Los mensajes siguen llegando incluso después del funeral de Alison, y ese mismo día llegan dos antiguos residentes de Rosewood: Jenna Marshall y Tobby Cavanaugh. La primera una chica que quedó ciega debido a una de las bromas de Alison donde las protagonistas estaban involucradas, el segundo el misterioso hermanastro de Jenna a quien le echaron toda la culpa del incidente.
                                    Las 4 amigas deberan descubrir quien es A y porque les manda esos mensajes.