domingo, 15 de mayo de 2011

My book

Some people say "We keep moving forward, opening new doors." Personally I don't think this quote is right. Why would I want to move foward, I mean my life was perfect afterall.

I stared out the window as we drove through the highway. Why had my parents wanted to move out?
"Ashley" My small sister Sophie said.
"Yes?" I said.
"Can I borrow your Ipod?" 
"Sure." I said.
I gave her my Ipod and continued looking out the window.I had to admit Wales was a pretty place. I missed my two best friends terribly.
My big brother Tom nudged me hard
"What?!" I said angryly
"Do you think we'll be happy here?"
"I don't know " I said sadly.
He scruffed my hair and continued reading his book.

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